Normally we provide simultaneous translation during the 10h30 Sunday Mass. Due to Corona we are currently not always able to do so. Also, for the moment, it is necessary to register if you want to participate in Mass (except for the weekdays).

Registration is in Dutch, but straightforward. If you want, add "needs translation" behind your name in the form. If you would like to have translation into English, don't hesitate to ask one of the people who is welcoming you at the entrance.

We use a simple radio system for this translation, so it is nice if you can bring your own headphones. Of course the translation is not perfect, but we are always happy to practice and welcome you as good as we can. 

Register here if you want to go to Mass. Scroll down to the celebration you want te join. Click 1 person (left button) or several persons (right button). Fill in your Name and E-mail. By checking the box you declare that you are not having Corona related symptoms, that you have not been in contact with someone with Corona recently and that you agree to follow the general rules for participation (like wearing a mask inside the church). You will receive a mail with a ticket, it's not necessary to print this out. 

Thank you!